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Alpha Delta Phi Society
Alpha Delta Phi Society E-Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 4
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In This Issue
Reaching out and staying in touch!
SELEF Literary Competition and Seward Scholarship Winners
Seward Scholarship Recipients Announced
Society Flag Design
1832 Club
Alpha Delta Phi Society E-Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 4

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Alpha Delta Phi Society
6126 Lincoln Avenue
Morton Grove, IL 60053
Tel: (847) 581-1992
Fax: (847) 965-1871
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Craig Cheslog, Bowdoin 1993
925-708-5845 • president@adps.org

Vice President
Chad Wolfsheimer, Brunonian 2000
Leah Stern, Michael Lavigne, Jr., Middletown 2010

David Clodfelter, Bowdoin 1989

Honorary Chair
Charles Gross, Jr., Brunonian 1972

Executive Director
William Millard, Illinois 1980

Assistant Executive Director
Terrie Eastmade, Bowdoin 1997
847-581-1992 • hq@adps.org

Carling Bateman, Columbia 2010
Craig Cheslog, Bowdoin 1993
Thomas Clark, Bowdoin 1999
David Clodfelter, Bowdoin 1989
Zanne Gerrard, Middletown 1994
Tom Giordano, Columbia 1986
KJ Iribe, Middletown 2004
Haley Knapp, Stanford 2011
A. Paul Neshamkin, Columbia 1963
Jason Oelbaum, Middletown 2010
Jessica Resnick-Ault, Brunonian 2002
Nupur Shridhar, Brunonian 2011
Kristen Soule, Brunonian 1999
Leah Stern, Middletown 2006
Christina Van Aken, Stanford 1995
Chad Wolfsheimer, Brunonian 2000